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HeroX is an incentive challenge platform, which also allows for the crowdfunding of prizes.



From Matt Maier:

Perhaps Open Source Ecology can use this new x-prize-for-the-rest-of-us platform for the GVCS. Development is already organized in an extremely similar way. http://io9.com/introducing-herox-a-way-to-crowdfund-your-very-own-x-1583351427

Basically, OSE would create a GVCS challenge, or maybe a challenge for one machine (6-18 months), and then people would compete to win the prize.

OSE Strategy

  • Integrate HeroX as work and reward structure for OSE Developers


  • Minimum part count
  • Easy to build
  • Design for Extreme Manufacturing - easily built in a workshop, so that each person can build one
  • Easy sourcing of off-shelf parts
  • Design for (Df) 3D printing
  • Df sourcing - one-click order ability either through existing platforms or ordering automation augmented/artificial intelligence
  • Df DIY buildability
  • Df scalability
  • Df modularity
  • Df lifetime
  • Df distributed manufacturing - includes online open source platform for 3D printing in distributed locations as part of automatic drop ship fulfillment of kits

Modules Strategy

  • Functional Modules ideas are crowdsourced
  • Design selection is modular, simply have too nform to interface standards. The interface itself must be defined at that appropriate level.


  • Judging focuses on the entire final product level.
  • Must keep a log for working openly. Strict documentation standards including auto burndown.
  • Documentation includes build guides on an ongoing basis. You must introduce yourself and share work on an ongoing basis. Work must include the instructional for reication, documenting as you go along. Data must be collected, etc. You simply cannot wait to publish by structural design.
  • Reward structure incentivizes early publishing. Deadline is determined on an ongoing basis - whoever is first to publish, there is one month to develop a new iteration. If there are derivatives, they must attribute prior work. Publishing early allows you to get partial reward if people use your design. Everyone without a prototype is emailed at a certain points not to see if they are vying for 'prior art'. If you start using someone else's prior art, then you must give credit.
  • Process is designed to upgrade others' designs by Moderator providing feedback? If there were a qualified Moderator.
  • Scoring is based on data collection. Weight of print and time on a standard print setting. Data collection requirements are clear: build time, performance, etc.
  • $250k reward
  • Judging is based on the modules level. Requirements should be specific so solution is degenerate. People are encouraged to submit just the modules for partial prizes. This is intended to encourage others to build upon othsrs' work. Only prototyped parts are accepted as eligible. Only final products are accepted in their entirety.
  • Judging includes tooling. 3D printed Grinder for the open source screw machine using a Dremel. External gears are easy. Or do belt drive reduction, no machined gears.

Modules List

  • Includes vacuum based Dremel attachment
  • Includes vacuum cleaner attachment


  • Building a Movement - Please submit your questions or comments to: admin@herox.com. - A recording of the webinar can be located here: https://vimeo.com/231920621