HeroX Open Source Power Tool Construction Set

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  • credit is given by parts that are checked into the part Library
  • Every submission is versioned
  • You are required to use only uploaded versions
  • Project is seeded with placeholder for acceptable parts. Full Explosion and Module Diagram is provided. Design is fully modular. Interface design is presented up front - so every part fits with the entire system
  • FreeCAD library is created for downloading admissible parts. A whole development workflow and social network is developed for this, with constant news feeding in progress. Getting in early means that you get hold - ie, if your design is propagated, you get more rewarded
  • Reward structure favors early contribution
  • Contributors provide to Both modules and final designs
  • Rule 1 - certain performance criteria have to be met for the final product. Main Ones -battery life, torque, estimated duration of tool working. Modular stackable battery - plug in one or more batteries into each other piggy-back.
  • Different tool heads and speeds.
  • 3D printed gears
  • Standard GT2 belts allowed in multiple