High School Recruiting

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  • Anywhere, esp in depressed areas where people are not exposed to a lot of opportunity.
  • Provide inspiration to bums and outliers alike, with clear vision of reward.
  • Clear program of advancement
  • Effective ways of obtaining performance feedback.
  • CEO - inspirational leader style. COO - operations and part of operations is growth. Standardization without bureaucracy with a distributed organizational form. OSE gets land and materials. Inventory App.
  • Presentation covers broad scope of civic responsibility, starting with You building your communities for prosperity and innovation, beyond political ideology
  • The only requirement is willingness to learn new things. Mastery. And lifelong learning. Once you get stale, you lose. This is not about Keeping Up with the Joneses. This is about continuing adaptation.
  • We use only a fraction of our brain.
  • Anything can improve
  • We are today in the stone age of innovation
  • We have not solved poverty etc
  • 10000 hours. No joke. Grit is the only thing required. Ie, setting your mind to it. Every day chipping away - most peep overest the short term, underestimate the long term accomplishment.
  • We offer many tracks as apprenticeship.
  • I can offer that once I am at a billion. Cold start issue right now?
  • Skills are still relevant
  • Computers and people will be friends
  • Open source collaboration and access is the solution.
  • Future is in front of you
  • Education sucks. We are not taught personal development or mastery. And many parents lack those skills themselves (of course not your parents)
  • Goals - you set your own pay. But that comes only from your output. Exact hours and quantity are known - then we can customize pay and incentive by output. Implicit gamification - you can compete with peers to get better, and your pay ups when you help others. Direct cause-effect is a great motivator. A Chinese wis man once told me...