Hiring Rationale

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Paying customers get intense education, but then they move on to experimental areas, from full time work to 20 hours per week AND getting paid as soon as they learn the skills. Use 4x10 to allow for 20% learning time - all day on culture and skills.

Paid customers have a chance to buy in to movement entrepreneurship, and be promoted as their leadership capacity grows. That would require the cultural advancement. If they have a 4x10 schedule, they can invest in their education as there is time in the week.

Skilled builders help the apprentices learn rapidly. Paid people are doing the more mundane work. Paying customers help the builders make their job easier withachines and automation. Ideally, the overlap increases as people become more integrated as humans: technically, personally, purpose driven.

Ideally, everyone ends up in R&D, while understanding the build side. Thus we create savvy farmer scientists and movement entrepreneurs.

Everyone collaborates on this.

Go through a balance sheet to clarify for 6 apprentices and 6 builders.