History of the Internet

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Writing was invented 5500 years ago, allowing for Time Binding. The printing press brought education to the masses in the 1400, which preceded the Enlightenment. Not much happened in terms of tools for time-binding until Linux was created in 1991, as the first open source operating system that led to the creation of the internet. The wiki was invented in 2001, allowing for collaborative online editing. Realtime, collaborative editing was invented in 2006- with Google Docs. And in 2004, OSE was incorporated for the first time in the USA, preceding live editable docs by 2 years. All this to say: today we have unprecedented power of collaboration and learning through live, editable documents and presentations - and near-realtime, large-scale collaboration via wikis. Use these tools to accelerate progress. Thus, when you publish - use collaborative, live-editable work documents whenever you can - and use downloadable files only if web-based, live-editable versions are not available. In practice - use Google Spreadsheets and Slides - do not send files back and forth if technology exists for working with them online. This assumes access to the internet - and we assume that everyone will have internet soon. If you do send over design files, use an open format - do not use a proprietary format that people without the necessary software can't open. These are some basics, and then we can also discuss further tactical points. See OSE Collaboration Protocol for how we do it. Note that this is evolving constantly - hence wikis and live editable docs to make changes.