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An home made OSE PLM system can maybe designed based on a mediawiki.

Here is the start point of this project.




  • Managing drawings / 3D / documentations revisions and status (Work In Progress, Review, Approved, Released, Obsolete).
  • Making the link between design / fabrication process / raw material suppliers / FabLabs and citizens/makers.
  • Organisation of all the items to avoid duplicated parts.
  • Managing Engineering Change Requests, Change Order and retrofit.
  • Find all datas and links to other items and routing on the page of each item (All the modification done in the past are archived).
  • Creation of automatic complete BOM of each assembly.

=> This system should be able to manage all our product data with a professional way while remaining agile and dynamic.

Structure, categories and items

Please find the structure of the system below:

The items are categorised by function:

Or by standard famillies:

It is also possible to find the items by project by browsing the project's revisions BOM:

Pilot project

Before to incorporate a complet huge project in a work in progress system, it could be interesting to document a small projet with few parts. It will allow us to define all the requirements needed for our PLM system. Once all these requirements will be defined, it will be easier to create the system rather than create it now and update many times.

PLM:HWC-PJT-000001:Hot wire cutting tool