Horseshoe Theory of Politics

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"What we seem to be seeing is a modern-day version of the horseshoe theory of politics, where the far left and far right find themselves in uncanny alignment."

From Foreign Policy

Why do the radicals not support liberation of Ukraine in the USA?

  • distrust of U.S. foreign policy.
  • In the heart of this perverse leftist anti-imperialism lies the un-imperial impulse to wield imperial power but only, ostensibly, in the name of peace—no matter the will of the locals.
  • naive anti-interventionism

MJ comments - the underlying reason for extremists is emotional trauma, so any realistic explanation of radical behavior must be rooted in psychology: the question for psychosocial integration, healing of trauma, and rise to self-determination - away from victimhood caused by various childhood traumas or lack of processing of various life traumas in one's lifetime.