Hospitality Leader

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Job description - [1]

House Manager + Kitchen Manager

  • Cooking? Purchasing, menu
  • Head cook - dinners for 80-100 people
  • Could cook himself - one assistant would be helpful and interesting
  • Logistics to deliver
  • Purchasing?
  • Driving people to airport?
  • Conflict resolution?
  • Ran house bonding meetings.
  • Warning Contract - will implement that. If misbehave - turn dialogue into a document. Dialogue is started - work with them to help them see a different point of view. They sign it. Let's check in about the contract. Worked well.
  • Questions: What experience do you have?
  • What recipes can you cook.
  • Costco would be the food of choice.
  • Example: Heavy drug use - members who had personal troubles and made people uncomfortable. Were kicked out. They tried to come back to the house.
  • Will sign a basic social contract.
  • Craft social behavior document as a group.
  • Community Circle - once per week or every 2 weeks.
  • $7.50/day - coop was 5.50 per person per day. Should not be a problem.
  • Exit document. More also a manual.

Offer Letter

See [2].