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Spreadsheet - 7 qoutes in 1/2 hour time



I'm looking for a quote to hot dip galvanize 27 of the 7 foot auger sections as in the tech drawing:

For our case, pipe wall thickness is 0.19", OD of pipe is 2-3/8", and there are 2 helices. Hexix A is 10" diameter, and Helix B is 12" diameter. There is no helix C.

Can you please provide a quote and delivery time?

We would deliver these as freshly welded parts in 7 foot lengths.

Thanks, Marcin



Hello Marcin,

Thanks for passing this along for review. Can you provide the total weight of the piers? This will fall under our FPIP category at $.5025/lb to run and our current lead times are 5-7 business days.

Tyler Johnson Sales Manager AZZ Galvanizing-Kansas City


  • Lightest pile of the 2-3/8" 0.19 wall is 29, with one helix of 8". It weighs 28 lb, thus $14 to galvanize according to the quote above.


Robert 12:56 PM (2 hours ago) to me


Based on a total weight of 1,026 lb, our price to galvanize (27) units would be 50 cents/lb, applied to finished weight. Zinc does typically add 3-5% to finished weight.

Pricing typically goes down as tonnage increases (economies of scale). Lighter gauge pieces would reduce your tonnage to which pricing is applied, but pricing may be higher due to reduced tonnage.

Based on a total weight of 5,700 lb, our price to galvanize (150) units would be 40 cents./lb, applied to finished weight.

Thank you,


ACME Galvanizing