House Valuation

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  • PV adds $20 value for every dollar of energy bills saved - so if you save $1000/year the house is valued $20k more [1]. A 6kW system costs $18k in 2023 [2]. This means it is just about even to add solar to a home prior to selling - based on economics of PV install and added value captured. However, the benefit to the buyer is greater - PV lasts 20 years - but that is only to the 90% point - the PV will actually live much longer, with 70% of the original efficiency after 40 years! [3]
  • 2 car garage - $23k value added to a house - [4]. This one says $50k [5]
  • Garage insulation - most garages are not insulated [6]. Most important is ceiling of garage, but door is a temperature leak. In this house - insulation made garage warmer in winter, but too hot in summer [7]. About garage insulation: If you use your garage as storage for your cars and other items, you're probably better off leaving the door alone and insulating the ceiling of your garage and the walls that are shared with the home instead. If you use your garage as a living space, however, it's probably worth your while to insulate the door as well as other elements of the garage. Make your decision based on your lifestyle and needs. [8]