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  • 200-300k houses are demolished yearly USA [1]. Average lifespan of a demolished building is 66 years USA and 80 in the UK. [2]
  • USA housing market is $4T for houses and rent [3] (rent appears to be 3x of houses)
  • Sale price of all homes and demand, more data at https://www.redfin.com/us-housing-market. These appear to be all homes, not new construction [4]:

Graph of the median sale price in the US Graph of the number of homes sold above list price in the US


  • House size is the largest in the USA and 4 other English colonials - as a matter of culture and speculation [5]
  • High interest rates shift house sales to people who can pay cash - [6]
  • 5-15%, while the drop in 2008 was 27%. [7]
  • Home prices falling in 2022 [8]
  • Number of construction workers in the USA - about 8M - [9]. If there are 1.4M houses built in America per year, then it takes about 6 people per house. The OSE standard of 1/4 person per house is being proven in 2022.
  • "New Home Sales Plunge in Face of Surging Costs: As new home sales dropped 16.6 percent in April, house prices continued their relentless upward trend. The median price of new houses sold in April climbed to an all-time high of $450,600, up 20 percent from a year ago and more than 45 percent from April 2020. With the average sales price even higher than that at $570,300 and mortgage rates that have surged by more than two percentage points since the start of the year, many prospective buyers are effectively priced out of the market" - Source: [10]
  • $450k average home price USA new construction - [11]
  • In OECD countries,
  • 44 million are burdened by cost of housing [12]
  • Shortage of homes for sale = 600k USA, 1.6M supply is being produced, new households are about 1M, and demolitions are 1/3 of that each year. [13]
  • Largest homebuilder builds 53k homes per year in the USA. [14]
  • 36k construction contractors exist in the USA alone [15]


  1. Shortage of housing in the USA is 6.8 million homes. To break even over the next 10 years, the National Association of Realtors found, we would need to build at least 700,000 new homes each year. [16]
  2. Number of houses built per year - about 1.5M in the USA - [17]
  3. Number of tiny houses built per year - about 1.5K [18]
  4. Spec vs owner-builder housing - 50k owner built homes in 2014 [19]. This is a small fraction of total supply. But, this does not include rural areas (no permits) - which may bring the number up to be much higher.
  5. Custom homes are about 20% of all construction [20]

Natural disasters in US

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