How Many People Love Their Jobs?

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Not many. From 50-85% of people hate their jobs. The relevance of this page is to help guide OSE what to do and not to do for retention as we go about mass creation of right livelihood via increasing agency in building the world around us. This is required reading for movement entrepreneurs.

  1. Forbes - 70% hate their jobs - [1]
  2. Gallup - 85% hate their jobs - [2]
  3. 10 shocking workplace facts biased for absence of good leadership - [3]

What Percent of the Population does what they actually want for a living?

  • This is a more rigorous question than 'how many people like their job.' Some may make the best of their job, and say that they like it. But they would rather do something else.
  • 2% are doing what they want? [4] I would tend to agree with that - MJ.
  • The better queustion may be:

How Many People Have Intrinsic Motivation for They Job, vs Working Because they Have to Make a Living

  • And many will not even ask this question, succumbing without question to the thought that 'work sucks but you need to do it.'