How to Revive a Dead Forklift Battery

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  • How do desulfate batteries - [1]
  • Hydrometer measures specific gravity of electrolyte - [2]
  • Questions - how to knock off sulfate and replace battery acid?
  • Specific gravity of bat acid - [3]
  • Throw powder down each battery - is this just a base to react with sulfate? [4]
  • Use a battery load tester to test if battery is back up
  • Looks like a good instructional on Epsom salt method - [5]. Magnesium reacts with the lead sulphate, nonconductive crystals go away. The thing I don't understand - if the battery reaction involves sulfation - when does sulfation become irreversible? Only when too much sulfation happened, ie, you drained the bat too deep, and you can't get to the underlying metal?
  • It seems that nobody really understands why sulfation is not fully reversible [6]
  • This research paper shows micrograph of crystals. Still, it is not clear that sulfation is well understood. [7] This one, however, shows the concept of shedding - when crystals form, sometimes pieces of lead break off from the spongy lead in the form of crystalized lead. So the lead essentially sheds off the electrode. I would guess we can recover lead sulfate to lead - but - battery will break if the lead is not attached to the electrodes any longer. The electrode material is simply degraded. Ok.

Video Series

  • Use epsom salt - mgso4 - [8]. This is great series - [9]. Half cup of epsom salt with water.
    • Showed 3 mOhm resistance across 12v bat.
  • Instructional on using epsom salt to dissolve sulfate - [10]