How to Run a Board Meeting

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Notes from Colby

Prior to the board meeting we'll want to send out

  • An agenda - use Board Meeting Agenda Template below
  • summary financial information to discuss both the period in review since the last meeting, the current and the future
  • major accomplishments and setbacks
  • goals
  • decide if there are any issues or actions to vote on

At the meeting we'll

  • approve any minutes or documents from last meeting
  • hold a guided discussion on the above content
  • hold any votes
  • discuss future business over the next period and strategic goals

Board Meeting Agenda Template

  • Mission clarity: Creating the next trillion dollar economy - the open source economy.
  • Welcome and Intros - Marcin. “How will this meeting help us do a better job at achieving this strategic goal?”
  • Annual doubling goal for the next 10 years
  • Collaboration protocols defined, vision defined
  • Pain point - business scaling via bootstrapped production
  • Year overview, budget, results, challenges. (in agenda for meeting)
  • Pain Point Discussion - challenges and moving forward
  • Strategic Solutions discussion - suggestions and brainstorming on pain points and solutions


  1. No agenda, no attenda
  2. Make sure this is strategic, not wasting peoples' time as a formality
  3. On time, on focus (OSE Mission)
  4. Focus on strategic discussion and decisions, not on updates
  5. Take minutes. Record meeting.
  6. Get a good Board Chair

OSE Meeting Agenda Template



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