How to Type Accented Characters on an English Alphabet Keyboard

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  • This page goes over how to type accented letters on a standard english keyboard (Typical WASD type latin alphabet keyboard optimized for english)
  • Useful for typing efficiently in spanish and other non-english languages, while not needing to use some sort of software tool (such as copy and past froms an instance etc)


Method 1: ASCII

  • This method can be done "stock" ie no software/setting changes are needed
  • HOWEVER it is complex (needs many unique codes), and more time intensive
  • To do so one must hold down the "ALT" key while typing the "Code" on the keypad
  • Consult This Chart or similar ones for the codes
  • If more are needed, and they aren't memorised by the user, it is useful to have this in a tab/other screen/printed out or written down, for typing
  • ALL IN ALL this method is best suited to occasional use

Method 2: AutoHotkey

  • This is the most effective method, but also is harder to setup
  • The user first downloads AutoHotkey
  • Then input the following script if intending to use the accents common in spanish (As of now copy and paste from this page's source code)
-Press Ctrl + Alt + Letter to replace with the accented version (including shift for capital letters)

^!a:: Send {Asc 160}  ; á ^!+a:: Send {Asc 0193} ; Á ^!e:: Send {Asc 130}  ; é ^!+e:: Send {Asc 144}  ; É ^!i:: Send {Asc 161}  ; í ^!+i:: Send {Asc 0205} ; Í ^!o:: Send {Asc 162}  ; ó ^!+o:: Send {Asc 0211} ; Ó ^!u:: Send {Asc 163}  ; ú ^!+u:: Send {Asc 0218} ; Ú ^!n:: Send {Asc 164}  ; ñ ^!+n:: Send {Asc 165}  ; Ñ ^!':: Send {Asc 129}  ; ü ^!+':: Send {Asc 154}  ; Ü ^!/:: Send {Asc 168}  ; ¿ ^!1:: Send {Asc 173}

  • This works by the user pressing "CTRL" "ALT" and the desired base letter then releasing all three to create the symbol. For Example:
    • "CTRL" + "ALT" + "A" = "Á"
  • A similar code may work for other accents

Dedicated Keys

  • If extra keys are on the keyboard, or another keyboard is used, dedicated keys/keyboards can be made



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