How to Use the Development Template

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To document according to best practice standards such as those presented in Building Open Source Hardware by Alicia Gibb, OSE uses the Development_Spreadsheet_Template#Simple_Template.


To use the template:

  1. Make a copy of the spreadsheet by clicking edit under the template. You will be taken to a Google Spreadsheet. Make a Copy of it in your own Google Drive - and now you can start editing the template.
  2. To document a project fully, fill in as much information content as you have available. Critical aspects of the template are CAD, BOM, and Build Instructions - as the absolute minimum for replicating a project. Replicability is determined by the quality of these 3 documentation assets.
  3. There are 20 items in the template. Each item in blue text is a hyperlink that tells you what information is necessary and what are the best practices for documentation.
  4. Document each item using a separate page on the wiki, titled Project_Name_Documentation_Item - where Documentation Item is the item you are documenting, such as Tractor_BOM. The wiki page would be
  5. Use the blue column (Link to Work Product) to link to your asset, such as
  6. In the last column, document the state of completion from 0-10, with 10 being complete.
  7. Embed this spreadsheet on a page with URL, where Project_Name is the name of your project.
  8. Includ an edit link under the spreadsheet.
  9. Open up permissions in your spreadsheet for open editing. Don't worry about spam - unwanted edits can be reversed
  10. If you would like to embed a burndown graph for your project, see Burndown. This requires OSE Developer Team skill level, so contact info at opensourceecology dot org for help