How to Wake Up Earlier

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  • Tips to wake up early - [1]
  • How to make yourself fall asleep?
    • 20 hints - [2]
    • 10, 60, 120 second way to fall asleep - [3]
  • What to do when you can't go to sleep?
    • Sleep Foundation - [4]


  1. Pills
  2. Breathing
  3. Temperature lowered
  4. Sleep Schedual (if you are consistent you will "sync" ie your melatonin, and it's counterpart (forget name) will cycle with your wake/sleep cycle
    • Main thing is being consistant
    • Can also use caffine rushes/crashes to speed up "trainig time"
    • Melatonin befor bed can also speed this up (and is OTS, and doesn't bioaccumulate (i think, double check me)
    • Also using manual lighting with plans, or Smart Lighting, and/or blackout curtains one can replicate the sun's timing, but for different time zones or scheduals
      • This is one problem with artificial lighting and screens, but if exploited it is useful for:
        • Travel (get over jetlag BEFORE the trip)
        • International Work / "Graveyard Shifts" (Essentially become nocturnal by tricking your dieurnal (misspelled that?) brain into thinking night is day
    • Also useful at high/low lattitudes (blackout curtains are almost essential there)