Human Energy

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Human energy was originally the only energy We had in society. We fished, farmed, hunted, gathered, built, mined ore, and so on. To "account" for this energy, We developed economy ("money") - barter, trade, work exchange, coinage, bills, electronic funds... Because energy was scarce, the energy We expended needed to be accounted for.

The initial stuff We used/acquired was free: The fish in the seas, lakes and rivers; the sun, soil, seeds, rain; the critters; the fruits, nuts, and other edibles; the rocks, trees, reeds, and other building materials; the ores.

With the advent of robotics, it is possible to replace Human energy in necessary work environments, and with free energy, such as that available through electrogravitics, money becomes moot. If We add robots and free energy, accounting for energy and requiring Humans to labor becomes unnecessary.

Humans would then be freed to pursue Their bliss - be it building or programming robots, creating art, researching better ways to do things or finding new solution, helping and doctoring Others, and so on.