Hydraulics Construction Set

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Hydraulics offer superior performance over direct combustion, electric, and servo motors when torque, speed range, closed loop operation, transmission requirements, longevity, robustness, and cost are considered in one. For this reason, hydraulic power is the preferred motor choice for OSE - primarily on grounds of multipurpose flexibility. This motor would be driven either by internal combustion, else truck, wind, or water power sources.

For example, a 5 cubic inch PTO Hydraulic Motor may be used for a 1 hp small shredder, wheel drive of a 500 lb vehicle, the rotor of a 10KW wind turbine, cnc heavy machine spindle, CNC lathe chuck with encoder, or slow solar driven drive at the 250 watt range.

As such, OSE is developing a construction set where such hydraulic motors are part of a builder's kit for multipurpose machinery.

Critical components of such a set include;

  • Hydraulics Part Library - FreeCAD parts for ready design
  • Hydraulics VBOM - visual bill of materials parts for composing design and determining price
  • Fluid power quick coupling system.
  • Motor shaft-to-implement quick coupler system
  • Quick coupling of rotary implements to a jack shaft
  • Wide range of rotary implement units
  • Rotary to linear motion converter
  • Rotary encoders for motion automation
  • Positional guidance systems for automated motion, including both replication and altitude to 1" accuracy
  • A wide range of hydraulic power units, solar and fluid fuel powered, scalable from 1/4 kW to 200 kw
  • Product Ecology with gasifier powered internal combustion engines and electronics grid motors