Hydrogen vs Battery Cars

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  • This page compared electricity and hydrogen as power storage methods for cars
  • Also look into Biofuels (use standard combustion engines, can be made from hydrogen (and thus even electricity) via GTL )
  • Marcin's Take: Hydrogen will clearly win. Fuel cells are not needed - direct combustion will win


  • Can be done via fuel cell to electric drivetrain, or combustion similar to a standard Internal Combustion Engine powered car


  • Relitively Quick Refueling
  • Higher Capacity/energy Density? (need hard data)
  • Easily replaceable storage parts (tanks vs lithium ion batteries)


  • Infastructure
    • Electricity is everywhere, and charging stations are not hard to add
    • Hydrogen alone is uncommon, but can be made relitively easy by steam reforming
    • It then requires compressors and/or cyrogenic coolers
  • Storage Methods:
    • Either Ultrahigh Pressure Compression or Cryogenic, both requiring expensive fueling stations, and storage tanks



  • No conversions needed (ie no fuel cell or ICE)
  • Common Infastructure


  • Expensive batteries
  • Slow Recharge Time
  • Less Capacity/Energy Density? (need hard data)

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