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Hi Dave,I suggest a pilot project to test one of our open source tractors. The general pilot project concept is OSE assistance in getting you guys up and running with the production of the tractor in Haiti. Then you would test it in the field and feed test data back to OSE. The general budget may be $10k in materials for the tractor (50hp), resources to build other implements or other OSE machines, support for your staff, support for OSE staff, travel for me to spin this off, etc. We can talk about other details. There is sufficient tech talent in haiti to make this happen. The world gets refined machines out of this project, regardless. Tapping some donors to fund this would be great. Do you have mechanics, farmers, and funders on board with this? Our goal is to spawn about 20 pilot projects this year, and this would be a great case. I imaging materials would come from across the border of DR.