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  • An abbreviation for Intermodal Container
  • Also known as a shipping container
  • Can be used on all forms of transport (Road, Rail, and Ship) OUTSIDE OF AIR (Unless a single one is used in special circumstances neccesitating it such as deploying a HMCU in a remote area and/or rapidly )
  • Can also be used as a structure (By itself or as a module, (Although as modules structural integrity must be evaluated to avoid accidental collapse due to overstressing etc) )
  • Can be purchased new, used (Can they be made and still be used legally/commercially be accepted? Needs Research)
  • Can also be purchased with systems such as refrigeration units
  • Metal Protective Coatings , may be included, but adding/maitaining/replacing them may help lifespan along with Cathodic Protection may help
  • Do any lighter ones exist (Composite perhaps?) needs research
  • 20 and 40 foot are the standard lengths
  • "High cube" is taller but still seems to be standard
  • Thus a 40ft high cube seems like the best option
  • These seem like the best option
  • For future use see 40ft High Cube IMC

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