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  • A Project by Dave Hakkens and the group he (co?) founded Precious Plastic / [[One Army (NGO/Non-Profit?
  • Essentially their take on a sustainable low density community in a similar manner to FeF

Potential for Collaboration

  • They are currently in early phases (their Shipping Container based buildings are still arriving, and few people are there)
  • Also OSE has more experience in this area
  • Thus providing assistance in the form of Hardware, as well as Advice seems like a great idea

Stated Problems/Wants/Needs


  • Recent post from the discord:
    • Project Kamp Energy Needs 1 of 2.PNG
    • Project Kamp Energy Needs 2 of 2.PNG

Potential OSE Contributions/Solutions

Internal Links

  • FeF OSE's similar "test area" / "prototype community" / "project campus" idea
  • HMCU (they seem to be using Intermodal Containers for much of the buildings, and thus are essentially developing these)\
  • Open Source GIS (Probably want to dive into this for "urban planning" or sorts, as well as the current stormwater issues)
  • Open Source Weather Station (They are currently doing work on this)

External Links