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  • An IOT "Cube" / "Brick" that can measure the following information and relay it to the system:
    • At Least:
      • Temperature
      • Humidity
    • Additional Data, But Will Add Some Cost:
      • Carbon Dioxide Concentration
      • Light Level Sensing
      • Nitrogen Dioxide Concentration
      • Ozone Concentration
      • Particulate Matter
      • PIR Based Occupancy Sensing
      • TVOC Concentration
  • Some form of basic display would be nice, preferably low power such as a basic LCD screen, labels and Seven Segment Displays / Nine Segment Displays , or an E-Ink Screen
  • Leave Smoke Detectors / Carbon Monoxide Detectors as a seperate unit / units?
  • Having one of the "Everything Ones" in some "Main Room" and cheap temperature + humidity only for other rooms may make cost more reasonable for larger buildings
  • Also merging the device with the "room clock" and/or an alarm clock could reduce cost/make it more reasonable as well

Added Capabilities

  • Per-Room HVAC Setting
  • Air Quality Data
  • Occupancy/Light Levels for Smart Lighting and/or adjustments of HVAC based off of this

Off the Shelf Options

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