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General IT Info

IF you sincerely have an issue that has you stumped, and you have read through the existing docs, I will help you in any way that I can.

Kent is in Colorado, so -6/-7 UTC time zone MST/MDT

0900 until 2100 7 days a week is when I will typically respond I DO NOT check my email all day every day. Send me a message, please. Be as complete in describing your issue as possible. I am only fluent in English, but comfortable using Google Translate.

I may ask for a Google+ Hangout for troubleshooting.

Areas of expertise:
- all linux issues except kernel compile tweaks - give me a break
- all windows issues up to WIN 8.1 - I'll help with 10, but not expert
- all 3D design issues, I'm a Sketchup expert and will help with any software
- most office automation issues, I'm old and I've probably seen it twice now
- serial I/O and other signal issues, run it past me, who knows?
- security defend or repair, seen a lot of it
- batch files or scripts for automating the tedious

kent AT steamboat 3 D dot com

User Stories

A recent user in the USA Midwest has volunteered to be a contributing member of OSE.
She tells us that:
--- Here's the hardware information I could find (while running Windows)

Brand/Model: HP ZBook 15 Edition: Windows 10 Pro Version: 1607 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU Installed RAM: 16.0 GB System Type: 64 bit Motherboard: Manufacturer Product Version Hewlett-Packard 1909 KBC Version 94.53
--- and she has had success with downloading and burning to USB (on her Windows system) the current OSE Live ISO. --- While I go through the FreeCAD tutorials, I've been saving my files onto a flash drive, which is working fine for now. I'm not exactly sure what "persistent storage" entails, but from what I'm reading, that's what many people use for file storage when working off a live disk/usb. I also read that Rufus doesn't have an option to create persistent storage. Maybe in the future we can work a file storage system into the initial setup of a live USB.
--- Kent adds: The methods that Kassie used were well suited to an exiting Windows user (win7) that wanted to use the OSE Live custom distro and not disturb her Win7 installation at all. This OSE Live USB boot fast, runs great, and does not TOUCH your existing hard drive installed WIN7 (or any other!) operating system. It's the ideal solution for using a borrowed system or a system already in use.

I have tried a very well-used and well reviewed linux program called "unetbootin" to make this bootable USB from the Ubuntu desktop, but the video shows the fastest, surest method (search Ubuntu for "Startup Disk" and you will find the launcher for Startup Disk Creator).

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