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The IT Team Consists of 3 tracks, and we are recruiting 4 people for each track. 90 day commitment, 10 hours per week. All require FreeCAD Test.

  • Software Support
  • Website Support: Wiki + Wordpress
  • Linux System Admin

Software Support

This role deals primarily with making a robust suite of software accessible to OSE Developers, as well as helping OSE Developers to learn new software. Some tasks for this position include:

  • Maintaining and updating the OSE Live Linux USB
  • Documenting OSE Live Linux USB usage, maintenance, and modification
  • Documenting user experience feedback from OSE Linux users
  • Teaching OSE Developers about new software or existing software features
  • Researching new software, identifying sofware gaps in terms of open source software availability for all aspects of OSE's work
  • Creating Python scripts and new Workbenches in FreeCAD
  • Identifying software development needs, and writing job descriptions to recruit programming talent
  • Assisting HR in recruting the necessary programming talent
  • Producing 101-style video instructionals to teach OSE Developers new competencies


  • FreeCAD exam, as FreeCAD is essential in all of OSE development work. Candidate needs to understand FreeCAD to understand how to integrate FreeCAD with other OSE toolchains
  • Knowledge of Python, Arduino, C++, and PhP is helpful

Website Support

This role deals with supporting an effective Mediawiki and Wordpress infrastructure and back end for OSE operations. Some tasks may include:

  • Documenting install, update, and backup procedures for both sites
  • Documenting maintenance, usage, and troubleshooting procedures
  • Proposing, documenting and implementing improvements, plugings, add-ons, and other functionality upgrades
  • Producing useful templates for both sites, to improve information architecture
  • Developing and documenting modular and portable templates for e-commerce
  • Proposing and documenting a Semantic Mediawiki structure to upgrade the OSE wiki towards development process scalability
  • Producing 101-style instructionals on various software functions and packages


  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS is required

Linux Admin

This role deals with the server infrastructure to support OSE's expanding operations. Some tasks may include:

  • Documenting and performing a backup schedule, updates, and upgrades to the OSE back end
  • Maintaining server security
  • Documenting key performance metrics of the OSE server
  • Producing a Linux Admin 101 survey course for OSE staff
  • Researching suitability of new software to support documentation, communication, project management, and development tasks of OSE
  • Developing a proposal for cloud collaborative CAD workflows based on FreeCAD
  • Documenting and installing mailing list, video conferencing, and webinar software
  • Knowledge of Python, shell scripting, C++, and PhP is required