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Dedicated Project Visit Application August 12, 2011

Ian Midgley Age: 26 Gender: Male Location: Traveling, currently in Connecticut, home base in Los Angeles 860.748.3651 il.midgley@gmail.com

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This is Ian.


2007 - B.A. Cum Laude from Emerson College in Boston, MA - Major in Film Production - Minor in Photography

2005 – FAMU film studies exchange program in Prague, Czech Republic

2002 – New York Film Academy – Cambridge, MA


Director/Producer –

You Are God - Documentary Feature Film – 2010 – present/ Firefly Gathering – Promotional Video – 2011/ Save the Land, Grow a School! – Promotional Video - 2010/ Salvation – Short Documentary - 2010/ Perfect – Short Documentary - 2010/ It Was Great – Short Documentary – 2009/ Semper Fidelis – Short Film – 2009/ Nighttime for Two – Music Video – 2009/ Migrating – Music Video - 2008/ My Eternal Love For You – Short Film – 2008/ Thrills – LCD Soundsystem – Music Video – 2008/ On Repeat – LCD Soundsystem – Music Video – 2008/ New Jack – Justice – Music Video – 2008/ Nighttime Party – Egg – Music Video - 2007/ Pile of Gold – The Blow – Music Video – 2007/ Odesa – Short Film – 2007

Leadman/Set Dresser –

The Clinic – Feature Film – Lifetime Originals – 2011/ Thanksgiving Engagement – Feature Film – The Hallmark Channel - 2010/ Dave’s Old Porn – TV Series – Showtime – 2010/ Final Sale – Feature Film – Lifetime Orginals – 2010/ Lot’s O Huggin Bear – Commercial – Pixar – 2010/ Hasbro – Commercial – Safehouse – 2010/ Juvederm – Commercial – Free Market – 2010/ Marshalls – Commercial – Safehouse - 2010/ Mattel – Commercial – Rhythm and Hues – 2010/ Party City – Commercial – Mt Vernon – 2009/ US Bank – Commercial – Kommitted – 2009/ Target – Commercial – Kommitted - 2008

Fine Art Installation -

Honor Fraser Gallery – Spring 2011/ Gagosian Gallery – Los Angeles - 2008 – 2011/ M&B Gallery – 2008 – 2011/ Environment Furniture – 2008 - 2011/ Kim Light Gallery – 2008 – 2010


Daniel Mercadante – Filmmaker – Everynone 860.716.9168 daniel@everynone.com

Hillary Gurtler – Art Director 213.453.7294 hillary_gurtler@yahoo.com

Jamie Tilton – Business Partner/Filmmaker - Pillar Pictures 917.913.8296 tbknyc@gmail.com


I heard about Open Source Ecology while I was filming in Taos, New Mexico at the beginning of the summer. I was working with a young man who was building his own Earthship in the Greater World, a community of sustainable housing. After hearing about the project I watched the TED talk and examined the website and became convinced that this project is a story that fits perfectly with the message of the documentary I am making.

I am in the midst of filming a documentary about free thinkers and free doers creating their own realities; people who have completely dedicated their lives to a project or action that they see as a betterment of the world around them.

My project is a character based verite-style documentary exploring the lives of folks who make a conscious choice to walk off the beaten path to work towards their vision of the future. This may involve a unique home life (communal, outdoor, off the grid, vagabond) to align with their beliefs and facilitate the situation necessary to create the farm, art, performance, school, invention, etc. that they see as necessary to make positive change in a way that hasn't yet been explored. The thrust of the film is to show the audience the possibilities of revolutionary creation in an age where cultural reinvention may be necessary to insure the survival of mankind.

You can see the website for the project here: [1]

And documentation of some people I’ve filmed with thus far: [2]

I am very excited about the possibilities of Open Source Ecology and the Global Village Construction Set. The completion of this project will change the possibilities of small community, of sustainability, the ultimate in D.I.Y. I believe that this type of sustainable work is highly important and is necessary to explore now and in the immediate future.


I am planning on arriving on site on September 10th and filming to September 25th. It would be great to have the option to film longer if there will be events occurring after the 25th that would fit nicely in my documentation.


I am proposing to come and film the project for two to three weeks and document the process of invention, collaboration, and lifestyle of those who are making the GVCS a reality day by day. I will be filming extensively, but also sensitively so as not to disturb the project. This footage will be used as a segment in the documentary, as one of the stories about people in America who are making innovative change every day.

I will make the footage available to Open Source Ecology for use in promotional, publicity, and instructional videos. Since my film is character based and the footage am I acquiring is mostly day to day activity, people interacting and working as a story unfolds over a few weeks, in other words naturalistic footage without my added direction or questioning, I will also make myself and camera skills available for instructional/promotional specific shoots that will be more directly useful to the project. This will help teach others the technology being developed at the farm and help to raise funding to continue the project.

I will not require any funding from the project and I have all of the tools necessary to complete my filming. If unforeseeable events occur that prevent me from filming the entirety of the segment, I will use whatever footage I have captured to create a short segment for a web series of short documentaries I will be creating as a supplement to the release of the feature film.

I will be arriving by truck and I will need to keep it on site for the duration of my stay. I can cover food expenses. I am requesting to have a small dry indoor space to store my film gear and have access to a dry room with electricity in the evenings to download my footage and do editorial tasks on my computer. It would be great if there are sleeping accommodations available. If not, I can sleep in the back of my truck. I am very flexible and experienced at creating my own environment in rough conditions.

I get along well with others and will have no problem fitting into the environment. As a documentary filmmaker I do not impose my political or other beliefs on others while working, and furthermore I am open-minded and would rather learn the ideas of those around me. I understand that the Factor e Farm exists for a bigger purpose than self gratification and I feel similarly about my film project, that the message I am delivering is a necessary story that must be told regardless of my ego.

I am severely allergic to peanuts and moderately allergic to tree nuts, I carry an epipen in case of a reaction. I can be around people eating peanuts, but cannot wash dishes that have peanut butter or other residue on them. Other than that I am in good health. I am a big fan of fresh vegetables and will eat local meat.

I can cook simple meals, am handy at carpentry, can competently drive big trucks, and can clean and do simple repairs to help out daily around the farm. I play the guitar well, like to climb mountains, and would rather ride a bicycle than drive a car whenever possible.