Icons for Proposal 2011

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OSE work should rely on pictiorial representation of its concepts to facilitate communication. To this end, we are creating icons that correspond to physical objects that are part of resilient community infrastructure. This includes the explicit 40 technologies, but it should be expanded to other components. The list of icons should be kept small enough (about 100 items) such that it does not become overwhelming.

Initial GVCS 40 Icon Set

Linz Slides shows all the icons for the GVCS pattern language, including some examples of how the different icons form an ecology of tools and materials, such as those required to build a house.

You can download all the icons at Open Pario.

Component Icons for Open Source Technology

Pattern Language shows the component primitives for electromechanical devices. The point of this set is that about a dozen components or icons constitute, in general, the entire set of electromechanical devices known to humankind, from cars to computers to tractors to fabrication equipment. By understanding the components of devices, people are in a position to take a stride forward in understanding the technology around them. This is a step to full, technological literacy.

Additional Icons Not Featured in GVCS

These are the additional icons that should be part of our pattern language, though these are not explicitly mentioned in the GVCS.

GVCS Recursion Icons