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  • They are more commonly reffered to as "Start-Stop" or "Stop-Start" systems, however Idle-Stop Systems is used in papers etc
  • Systems for Internal Combustion Engines , typically for Vehicles, where when idle for a certain amount of time (long enough that it isn't a small pause), the engine will turn off automatically
  • Then when the "gas pedal" is pressed again, or new power is needed for ongoing electronic/mechanical devices once the "reserve" has been used up, it will automatically turn back on
  • The Starter Motor is typically upgraded to make this process faster as well
  • In situations such as start-stop traffic, or door to door delivery (mail trucks etc), this can significantly reduce fuel use, and decrease Emissions
  • Much of the technology may be of use in backup / Microgrid generator systems as well
  • This system usually consists of:
    • An Improved Starter Motor
      • And thus often electonics, such as more battery storage, higher power electronics, etc
    • A Batery Managment System Interlinked with the Car's Electronic Control Unit (Automotive) that can plan when to turn off the engine without being too "annoying"
      • Aso an overide button is included as well for this exact reason
  • A Novel Method Utilizes (Often purely mechanical) FES to allow for lower cost/complexity (see the paper below)

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