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OSE Unique Value Proposition

  • Collaborative Design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance - 2019
  • Historic transfer of wealth from the few to the many - 2019
  • Regenerative solutions at scale - 2020


Collaborative design means that we create the new world together. This means that OSE's work, with ample Proofs of Concept achieved, is in a good position to create OSE Campuses worldwide. At the point of creating the Seed Home 2 Extreme Enterprise, we are around the corner to releasing a very importan product of high interest - a home. This lends itself to widespread collaboration and significant interest, as the housing part provides a solid revenue model. This model can be used to fund additional entrepreneurs, who can be absorbed into the OSE program as OSE Fellows who start new OSE Campuses. One model can be that of a microfactory within a city, and a larger Campus within an hour of any metropolis. The metropolis then supports and seeds its satellite, which influences the metropolis by providing production based on natural resources (food, fuel, fiber, minerals), recreation, and natural preservation. The relationship is regenerative, healing land and people.

The current idea is summarized from the Seed Home 2 Business Plan, and is based on Enterprise Scaling for Solving Pressing World Issues:



Collaborative design for regenerative solutions at scale is a big opportunity:

  • Open Source Ecology Enterprise - needs branding such as Open Source Pioneers
  • Gather 144 recruits, out of high school. Best candidate from each urban area.
  • Gather funding


The OSE Solution