Immunity to Authoritarianism

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  1. Free speech - however, free speech does not automatically guard from propaganda
  2. Critical thinking - this plus free speech can guard from propaganda. This is a big one - so that people don't get manipulated. But if people do not have security or self-esteem - critical thinking is not possible. If people are psychologically damaged, positive psychology may be impossible, in which case psychological integration must take place
  3. Rebeliousness, which comes from critical thinking and not accepting unearned authority. This leads to becoming aRadical Man
  4. Material well-being - if people do not have their material needs provided, then they may get taken advantage of by those who provide for them. Thus, abilities and productivity - especially entrepreneurial savvy - are a guard against becoming materially insecure
  5. Democratic institutions - access to education, a fair judicial system, law and order, and enforcement against agressors is critical. Providing a level playing field for everyone.
  6. Hope - it is for the sake of those without hope that hope is given. Inspiring, just systems produce hope, possibility, and opportunity. It is a moral imperative to create systems which inform of possibility - and provide ample opportunity for achieving possibilities.

We can pass the 2022 situation across the globe through these checks, and see what we can create and improve.