Incentive Challenge Collaboration Incentives

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  1. Create Part Libraries - Using a Gallery of Parts with a clear picture of the artifact allows someone to get oriented quickly on where to find your designs - as opposed to reading through a wall of text (such as a file list on Gitlab or Github). This allows others to build on your design - and remember - how much others build on your design adds to your score in the Incentive Challenge.
  2. Create a Work Log. If your entry is not linked from your work log, your entry does not count.
  3. Review Others' Work. If you comment or add value to others' design by using Discourse discussion threads - that adds to your score.
  4. Work on a Team. Working solo is perfectly fine. However, that means that you are reponsible for submitting ALL the required assets yourself, which means a full time job for you if you have the required skill sets. That's a herculean task. If you work with others, you can divvy up the submission between your team members.