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This log discusses things like Scanlon Plans, incentive structures, conflict-of-interest, self-determination, and other methods for proliferation of the Art of Possibility.

Wed May 12, 2022

Generic Development Investment (like in Radical Man one must Invest in order to bridge the distance to the Other):

  • Radical value proposition must be clear up front, with predictable timelines for completion - for purposes of generic dev process.
  • Enterprise must be clear incentive, financial freedom can be a pure incentive.
  • At Later Stages of Development, financial freedom can be provided at a charge, until Financial Freedom is guaranteed to all
  • At initial stages of Development, sense of a Budget and Timeline must be present. However, this requires $1M scale budgets.
  • Part of process must be Incentive Challenges, Collaborative Literacy Training. Various collaborative and swarm processes.
  • Big Investment must be made on part of initiator - so that end goal is tangible. Once this is proven, the public development gets a reputation as one that yields real results.
  • There must be an investment track by many individuals - the masses - if the gap between the proletariat and elite is to be bridged. Change can happen only through the distributed, Decent masses. This avoids the trap of the Best and the Brightest. This means less development by institutions and orgs, but by individuals - to bypass industrial, political, and social inertia. So that we're not impotent like Gore.
  • Key here is a decentralized effort, with possibility of Industrial Bypass