Incentives for Making Better Products

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  • If a company benefits from making a better product through its bottom line of saving costs - that is a good incentive. OSE certainly does that: customer pays less, OSE produces more value withe less, and gains market share. See point 4 for the Apple comparison vs Microsoft - [1]
  • How does OSE incentivize its developers to produce better products? Because the developers are also the users - so the benefit is direct. Further, in a Distributive Enterprise model - the performance advantage is beneficial to other entrepreneurs - and OSE can generate value by training others - who are further incentivized to make better product in order to keep generating more value. This process continues, ideally, until artificial scarcity is eliminated. There is a financial incentive for abolishing scarcity: increased market share compared to agents who rely on scarcity-based business models. Thus, can a growing market share compared to scarcity-based models be sufficient to incentivize distributive economic behavior?