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June 3, 2020

Hey Marcin, nice to hear from you!

Congratulations on all the work you´ve done so far on defining and implementing DE and OSE, and on pushing forward the Open Source movement. I like the idea (and I always use the same as an example) about doing for hardware the same that Linux did for software. And thanks for including Roden as an example! The texts I used on my webpage were written by gathering from different Open Source related websites, blogs and videos from people like you guys who are promoting these ideas, like OSE-Germany, Lars Zimmerman, the Danish Design Center (Christian Villum), Diderik Van Wingerden, Jaime Arredondo, OSHWA, etc, etc. I also have talked and shared emails with some of them in these past months/years.

In my case, I´ve been struggling for years on how to produce my designs... I am not an entrepreneur-minded. I am the creative/inventor kind of person. I couldn´t produce on my own, so that´s why I decided to share my designs so any bicycle company can produce and market them. And so that way my designs will reach the world. And maybe I could arrange some type of collaboration with some of them. I´ve been also sending emails to Public Bicycle Sharing programs. I would love them to adopt my designs.

Anyway, I still need to implement and market a production (at least a small and local one) to make the project sustainable. I need to find a partner for that.

I released one of the bicycle designs (the Duetta model) but I have more product ideas in mind: a compact cargo bicycle, a pedal-powered car, exercise/sports bicycle alternatives, etc. I wanted to make the prototypes but this is my side project. Not the one that generates my income (yet). So I am not dedicating much time and resources on it.

But yes, please! Let´s have a talk so we can share ideas about how we could collaborate. I was waiting for this chance. Thanks!

See you!

Indalecio Sabbioni Industrial Designer