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  • Job postings for OSE Developers should have a link to the Initial Application.
  • If someone fills out an online application (Volunteer Match, etc) but does not fill out the Initial Application - HR Generalist sends the Email 1. Upon the application being filled out, use Email 2 to set up the interview.
  • It is useful to add these to one's email settings as Canned Responses.

Email 1

Hi ______________,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with OSE in the _______________ (position) capacity. Please fill out the initial application:

You can find out more about our development work at:

As soon as you fill out the initial application, we can set up an interview. Please email me once you fill out the aplication. Please have a webcam, as the interview will be recorded for internal review purposes. We use the OSE Google Hangout -


_________________________ OSE HR Generalist

Email 2

Hi ____________,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with OSE and filling out our initial application.

Would you be available for a 15 minute interview this ___________ (day) at _______(time) in the _________(time zone) time zone? We use this Google Hangout - - please use a webcam. We will record the interview for training purposes.

Thanks, _________________________ OSE HR Generalist