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  • This page goes over various ways to make simple ink (Complex colors may be difficult, and less economical over purchases)
  • Black ink is the most obious choice

Black Ink

  • Some sort of solvent (Ethanol or some other alchohol should work)
  • Dark Powder ( Carbon Black is Traditional (also called lamp black) , but powderized charcoal may work if it is fine enough of a powder )
  • Optional Binding Agent such as Gum Arabic / Gum Acacia, Xanthan Gum or Gellan Gum to produce a more viscous fluid (perhaps thinkining agents, could use some testing) (supposedly beeswax mixed with carbon black , makes a pretty good marking agent for metalwork etc, VERY easy to do diy)
  • See if Emulsifiers are needed
  • ASSUMING it could be equivalent it could be used to refill markers, stamps, and ink cartriges for cheap. It also has hobby use for art

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