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Sustainable Ag - Nepal

Dear Marcin,

It our pleasure to introduce Sustainable Agriculture Development Program Nepal (SADP-Nepal) is non-profit making NGO which was formally established with combine efforts of socially devoted people especially caring environment by flourishing agriculture in a systematized way. With the holistic view of serving people and helping to promote organic agriculture SADP-Nepal is registered under the local administration law of Government of Nepal and affiliated with Social Welfare Council. This organization is emerging to promote organic farming and permaculture principles improving quality of life of local farmers. Its entire effort remains for the pioneering of organic farming, which is essential to keep ecological and environmental balance in the nature. The Nepalese economy is still predominantly agricultural, with 86 percent of the population living in rural areas and 81 percent deriving their livelihoods from agriculture. Agricultural productivity is low: US$114 value added per worker per annum. An estimated 40—50 percent of the population does not have adequate income to meet their basic minimum needs of food, clothing, shelter, primary education, and health care. In this situation it cannot be taken for granted that the overall development of the country is possible without the development of this sector or to eradicate the poverty through the development of agriculture. For a country bestowed by nature with tremendous organic agriculture probability, this is more than just an irony: it is outrageous. Right now it is in its infancy stage in the lack of awareness among the farmers to consumers, students to scholar, activist to policy makers as well as advanced technology while the government of Nepal has not given any priority for the development of Organic Agriculture (OA). What we are facing today owes to total lack of planning and farsightedness in the country's agriculture sector policy maker and think tanks. Despite being a private non-profit organization we are trying our best to develop OA in our capacity. We have been utilizing the local resources to provide maximum profit for the local farmers and people. Our intensive programs are dedicated for pioneering organic farming. For this purpose we have established a research and demonstration organic farm named Setivalley Integrated Organic Farm (SIOF) in about 10 acre of land at Purunchour VDC of Kaski District in Nepal, which is still under construction. We have also begun other farms please kindly visit our website for more information

This organization has imbibed the organic agriculture and its' continual effort certainly will be materialized someday. But we are facing lot of problems such as marketing, certification of organic production, availability of pure organic seeds, funds etc. We are very much scared to achieve of our goal due to lack of proper market. It is vital to conduct awareness programs among consumers for its proper market with out this all our efforts may collapse, if it happened there would be negative impact on organic agriculture development in Nepal. For sustainability of our endeavor we have prepared a concept note on Organic Agriculture Development if you are interested on it we can send it for your kind information, consideration, necessary suggestion and advice. I and the colleagues have keen interest in training and exchange visit as well. Please do not hesitate to provide us with your valuable clues, ideas, advices and information in this regard. Whatever you feel about it and whatever you share for this would be taken with high respect and value. If some one will be interested volunteering in our farms are welcome as an exchange visit. For more information please visit our website.

Look forward to hearing your kind response.

"Let us save our the mother earth through organic agriculture"

Organically , Ramesh Nath Sharma Executive Chairman SADP-Nepal & Farmer Setivalley Organic Farm Pokahra Nepal

--Ramesh Nath