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This page is a radical experiment - intended to fund Jean-Baptiste Vervaeck (see Jean-Baptiste Log to produce a template for OSE's published instructionals, apprximately 50 pages containing comprehensive information and links to an OSE machine. The deadline is April 25 including test content - to be applied to the CEB Press. The goal amount is from Free to USD$3000 for a committed effort of 40 hours per week, for either 3 or 6 weeks. This works by others contributing either funding or other assets, with Jean-Baptise serving as the core Coordinator on OSE's side.

We start with a Request for Proposals: the Specifications for the Manual.


Anyone is welcome to apply for specific parts of the proposal - where the smallest effort will be considered. To do so, please download a copy of the RFP template, and state a bid for what that work you would like to do. Please make sure your provide some 'skin-in-the game', ie, your bid should include some part of the work or some form of indication that you are capable of executing on the task. We are following a stone-soup concept - where we invite many different stakeholders to contribute.

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Donate via PayPal (doesn't require a PayPal account):

Donate via Dwolla (requires a Dwolla account connected to a bank account - advantage: either free or 25 cents per any transaction, unlike PayPal, which is 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. See Dwolla Mission.

Donate through BitCoin:


Bitcoin Address: 166yC48RakrZdtsBj36vY9q29CpzknHbxY

Donate by check: send checks to OSE, PO Box 442, Maysville, MO, 64469


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