Instructional Production Protocol

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  1. Develop Team- Editor (guy who edits artistically, improves sound with audacity, adds sound effects), screenwriter (writes script, screenplay, treatmwnt), Director (creates storyboard), technical writer (guy who actually understands the content), voiceover artist (guy who records the script), and special effects (compositing with Natron). Also SAME - the guy who knows the stuff but is not a communicator. And a researcher - the guy who interviews the SME and negotiates the technical content with the technical writer. Technical writer distills team information, and assists the screenwriter inaking the information presentable.
  2. create training - simply by compiling excellent resoures such as the Khan academy on film grammar.
  3. Create SME team of advisors who can present webinars on film making,
  4. Document Kdenlive fully.