Integrated Value Creation

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Capturing value from multiple channels in the value creation chain.

OSE does not only manufacture goods, but also, develops the capacity to produce and recycle the feedstocks. There are thus 5 places to capture value that are relevant to OSE work:

  1. Buying off-the-shelf materials, with minimal fabrication steps.
  2. Adding more fabrication steps, and going to more basic feedstocks, such as various CNC cutting or other automation. For example, one can invest $20 in an authentic Volcano Heater Block, or one can CNC machine this from a block a 25 cent piece of aluminum bar stock. The difference between $0.25 and $20 is what the producer can capture.
  3. Producing the materials themselves from abundant local resources or the waste stream, such as generating virgin steel or aluminum from scrap, or producing bioplastic from biomass.
  4. Creating takeback programs for product lifecycle manangement - to reuse feedstocks for further products.
  5. Providing services around products, such as education or Extreme Manufacturing events.