Integrity Certification

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A third party supplier of certification for integrity and ethics, according to well-defined principles such as telling the truth, not stealing, not killing, freedom from blackmail, freedom from sabotage, tendency to personal growth and learning, tendency to psycho-social integration of Radical Man.

This is a good metric for international relations and organizational activity towards a positive world order. Such as peacekeeping missions, international negotiation, financial assistance, regional economic planning and development.

Certification can apply to any person, individual, or legal fiction.

International law is reframed for this purpose, and may borrow from ICC, international standards, and any accords, treaties, or institutions for studying and improving upon best practice.

Purpose achieved: this would give credibility to people who have the certification, so that others feel safe about doing business with them. And in the opposite direction, it would be a clear marker of who not to do business with.