Intended Outcomes of 2 year Apprenticeship Program - For Ken Makunga

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Intended outcomes I would like to have achieved by the end of a two apprenticeship program with OSE:

  • To be able to run a viable, profitable business around the D3D printers, from Factor e Farm, so as to be able to easily replicate the system in Indonesia;
  • To gain the knowledge and practical skills to run 3D printer workshops in Southeast Asia;
  • To acquire to knowledge to set up and run a microfactory - all machines required and skills using them all;
  • To learn hydraulic system and integrate them with electronic systems and hardware to run machines such as the CEB press, tractors and implements for the tractor;
  • Building technology - design and building with CEBs;
  • How to set up an Open Source Ecology campus in Indonesia and Botswana (or anywhere in the world);