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Factor E Farm is a living co-laboratory for open appropriate technology and agroecological knowledge building. Nestled in an agrarian community in the western glacial loess plains of NW missouri, Factor E Farm uses sustainable agroecological practices and is building up infrastructure including solar PV, earth buildings, and has developed an open design compressed earth block press and tractor, and is developing new designs. By developing the global village construction set, we hope to build a tool and knowledgebase to empower the global community with accessible, appropriate and economical sustainable technology and agroecological practices. Anyone is welcome to become a part of the co-laboratory, as it is a place of learning and empowerment. Factor E Farm intends to be a powerful example of a DIY sustainable village, where precious resources are utilized to create relative abundance using a post-industrial model. Localization and resilience are the key goals of the project, and the doors are open for the open minded...