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InterLace and associated software are still in early stages of development.

I'm very interested in documentary, and have done several years of research about how to collaboratively sift through raw footage archives -- how can video propagate bottom-up from communities of interest, rather than top-down from studios and editing suites?

I have many fragments:

- Montage Interdit ( & web-based documentary (in-progress)
 with Eyal Sivan. Good example of user interface for navigating
 structured video data.

- InterLace (examples @ &c): raw footage navigation and
 collaborative annotation. This is my current focus, though it's
 still very rough around the edges.

- Streamrip (with Dafydd Harries): InterLace component for

 live-streams, with instant-rewind. No plugins required.

- Peacock (with Jan Gerber): experimental in-browser peer2peer (live)

 video distribution.

- Segment - video analysis library. Feature detection, similarity,

 cuts, and whatnot.

- And so on...

All of my software is freely licensed, but none of it quite stands on its own yet. If you have an idea for a project where some of this might be useful, we should talk! I'll be returning to the States mid-September, but can talk on e-mail, VOIP, or whatever until then.

Thanks for the introduction, Sam!



Hey Marcin,

I know OSE has been planning some community assisted video-editing workflow and information eco system and I wanted to ask how that was going and who is mainly working on that?

I think it would be good to link them up with some guys who are giving a workshop on the subject of commons-based peer-production with video... the workshop itself is going to be run by some ex-MIT guys at OHM2013 hacker in the netherlands which is taking place in about a weeks time:

I am just talking to one of the software developers now, called Robert M Ochshor, who is running the course now and he gave me a link to some demos and screencasts- IMO you should check them out and maybe also forward them to the person leading the OSE community video architecture:

Screencast / explanation:



Kind Regards,