Internet Load Balancing

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From Andrew -

if your going to be paying for 2 internet connections it would be good to load balance them both from one location and distribute it out from there. this would solve the problem of having large numbers of people, and since you are already paying for the second line it makes sense to do it. currently with just 10 users, 50kbit/s up is not going to cut it.

running ethernet up to the micro house could be done with a switch no more than every 100 meters to boost the signal. if power is an issue power over ethernet could be used also, mentioned in this thread

so onto using two connections as one-

Load balancing is easier than bonding.

Bonding will double web speed for a single user with 2 internet connections. however this is unnecessary.

Load balancing will not give you a maximum of 2x the speed for a single, but it will distribute traffic to each of the connections on demand if done correctly. In the real world this means with large numbers of users the web will perform just as well as in bonding. You need to make sure that with 2 connections going in that the load balancing won't just act as a failsafe - switch over to different internet connection if one fails. you want both connections to be used.

if you have a wrt54gl router this might be a good start to figuring this out.

to achieve this your going to need to position those 2 adsl modems in the same location, before the load balancing hardware - router.

The ISP doesn't have to know about it if you want to load balance yourself. I believe it can be done without them

this guy did it with that router-