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Date: March 14, 2012

For: Daniel Casarin director, an Italian blog network dedicated to sustainable innovation.

By: Nikolay Georgiev


1 - Your beautiful self-built machines, even if optimized, however, require energy. I saw you are working on biofuel and solar energy, but in general, measuring more congenial to every village, will you achieve energy self-sufficiency or need to buy more power from the grid?

  • We have also Wind Turbines. Our goal is 100% energy self-sufficiency.

2 - Your project requires steel, copper, welding machines, various semi-finished products. Where do you supply normally? buy by traders? Are there production companies that begin to look with sympathy on your project?

  • We are buying them as part of the bootstrapping process. Later we want to build our own Welder and melt scrap metal with our Induction Furnace.

3 - Pictures of your machine to make bricks have been around the world. In civilization kit are there also instructions to make a home? Did you make some choices about how a village should be done in terms of urbanization, environmental impact, energy use, etc..?

4 - Your kit is designed for people educated, capable of using either Internet and a welding machine. In short, a typical young Westerner. Have you also in mind something for those less educated, but still in need of projects similar to yours, such as the Africans?

  • Training the trainers. We can train people who can then train people in Africa.

5 - How have you addressed the issue of the reliability of your machines? I guess the self-construction of the same car made by different hands lead to differences in the results. Do you bet on prevention of breakdowns and quality control or is it the presence in home of workshop that makes it easier to repair?

  • Our goal is Lifetime machines and we are in a process of bootstrapping. Currently we are field testing the fabricated machines and we are defining an Extreme Manufacturing development process which is addressing knowledge and skills transfer and quality control.