Inverter Design Rationale and Specification

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Design Rationale


  • Input – 12-120V DC using IGBTs that can handle that
  • Output - 12-480V AC
  • Plug-in transformer modules allow from 1 to 10 amplitude modification
  • Use turnkey, plug-in IGBT module of 2.5 kW continuous, 5 kW peak
    • Proper heat sinking
  • Use turnkey, plug-in gate driver
  • Use pure sine wave signal generator
  • Stackable up to 10 units for up to 25kW
    • Phase cable connects units so power is in phase


  • Continuous output power: 2500 Watts
  • Surge power capability (peak power): 5000 Watts
  • dc input / operating voltage: 10 to 120 DC
  • Output voltage: 120-480 Volts ac
  • Output frequency: 60 Hz +/- 0.5 Hz
  • Battery low voltage shutdown: 9.5 +/- 0.5 V
  • No load minimum operating temperature: 25 degrees F
  • Full load maximum operating temperature: 140 degrees F
  • Efficiency: >90%
  • No load draw: .6 amps
  • AC Output Socket Type: 3 bolt down connectors
  • High input voltage protection: 15V
  • Low input voltage shutdown: 10V
  • Internal fuse protection


  • Plug-in transformers
  • Unit should be readily scalable to 3 phase power output (3 phase welders at Factor e Farm, with 12.5kW of battery power avaialable in our off grid digital fabrication facility)

Scalability and Modularity Analysis

  • Basic unit above provides up to 25kW continuous power with a stack of 10 inverters
  • Plug in IGBT module may be scaled for higher power, up to 250 kW for a stack of 10 inverters. Relevant to the scale of 200kW induction furnace.
  • Modular design retains allowance for different gate drivers, such as high frequency power for induction furnace power supplies and other applications


IGBT Sources

Deployment Strategy

  • Initial prototype is a 2.5 kW module in 1 phase, later modules are slave modules for stackability
  • 3-phase power is the next stage after 1 phase is developed
  • Ask a vendor for a ready design
  • Post on GrabCAD
  • Post on Upverter
  • Assess assistance from Universal Power Supply on the Amp Hour - An off-the-cuff radio show and podcast for electronics enthusiasts and professionals
  • Request David Kronstein to produce a simple inverter design for our purposes
  • Request Dedicated Project Visit or Remote Dedicated Project Visit to design inverter and begin the prototyping stage.