Inverter Specification

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Inverter Specification: Prototype I

  • Input: 24 VDC
    • Input voltage scaling is attained with another module for both up- and down- scaling
  • Output: 240VAC
  • Voltage scaling is accomplished with another module

2 Output: Standard Type AB Outlets (x2) per 2kW unit, Bolt Terminals per 20kW unit.

3 120VAC 60Hz Single Phase 2kW Stackable

3 240VAC 60Hz Single Phase 2kW Stackable

3 240VAC 60Hz Triple Phase 20kW Stackable

2 Harmonic Distortion < 1% : Pure Sine Wave

2 Efficiency > 95%

2 Features: Post-assembly configurable

3 Overcurrent protection

3 Low Input Voltage Warning and Shutoff

3 Part Replacement Signals (ex. signal by LED activation within modules)

3 LED Display

2 General Guidelines

2 Scalability

Ex. Possibility of easy inverter redesign for different power ratings.

2 Modularity

Ex. Separation of carrier wave and reference wave generator circuits as independent modules

2 Design-for-Disassembly-and-Maintenance

Ex. Easily replaceable power-handling elements

2 Lifetime Design

Ex. Solid State, Over-built, Protection Features

2 Ease-of-Manufacturing

Ex. Easily acquired materials, interchangeable part usage, safe and simplified fabrication and assembly procedures, focus on functional relevance

2 User-friendly

Ex. Safe and Silent Operation, Intuitive Usage, Problem Detection Signals

2 Ecological Design

Ex. Possibility of component interchangeability with other electronics via the inverter's independent modules, Sustainably produced materials