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Sponsorship - 10%

Most membership - $50

6 months 5 days a week - 45 minute shows. 12 sponsors.

True show sponsor- pays for mention.

Support brigade - 20 cents per episode to subscribe.

Ideal frequency - every day of the week - most valuable thing is their time. People look forward to it.

150k downloads per session.

18 months just did it in the car.

1861 episode today. No magic sauce - you really have to be good. New fresh topic. Then get engaged feedback. Then add guests. 2 guests first. Then down to 1

Monday feedback - sending responses.

Tue regular show.

Wed interview day - outside guy.

Thu call-in. Set up a hotline - the Think 866.665.Think. Kall 8. Comes in on an email. Set up a Rule on Outlook - and that goes automatically into a call-ins Folder. By a standard Email

Web hosting. 100 Terabytes service - $1k per month. Both primary and secondary server. Automatic backup every 2 hours. Hostgator first. Record with Audacity. Aptek Skype Recorder. Mike - Samson c01u usb condenser mike.

Apogee for macs - edit in Sony Vegas.

Edit sound - Audacity for sound record, but edit elsewhere. Bandwidth - 20TB. equal to FM radio. 150 thousands. 48 hours within publication. Stopped iTunes to 50 most recent - and they Download All.

Fri council of experts - specific topics.

8400 subscribers + 50. 10 sponsorship.

About 6 hours per day.

Did sales and marketing for 20 years. Used to speak all the time. How to make boring shit entertaining. Figure format. First 5 episodes will be crap. One man

Frequency Frequency Frequency - other person is a guest or expert council. Ask people to do 8 minute answer to questions. Expert Council.

Josiah - TSP The Survival Podcast - different. Maybe 20% do it because of just content.

Join is not hard. But hard to make them stay? This is where the retention comes in. 80% retention.

Demographic is not preppers only. 150k with 8k paying members.

Discount is all online sales - with a discount code? Conditions 1 yr + discount not available to public. say 10% discount all year.

$50 - $4/month

Additional incentives - just a discount to something.

Build relationship with audience first.

Secret sauce: